Disney Downtown

After a long day of conferencing at FETC, the crew decided to try the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney.  Miraculously, we didn’t have to wait at all for a table for nine of us.  I decided that this is not a place for those with ADD.  Every thirty minutes the lights dim, there is a … Continue reading Disney Downtown

FETC – Day 1, Part 2

The third concurrent session with David Warlick was the one I had been looking forward to for today’s sessions.  His session was entitled "Harnessing the New Shape of Information."  With a title like that, I figured it HAD to draw upon David Weinberger’s concepts.  Weinberger’s keynote at NECC focused on the more theoretical aspects of … Continue reading FETC – Day 1, Part 2

FETC – Day 1, part 1

So far I’ve been fairly impressed with all most of the sessions I attended.  I got up early for the Eye-Opener session with Willard Daggart, which proved to be the least interested.   Daggart’s presentation was full of bombast, and seemed bent on shock value, and I seriously doubted some of the numbers and statistics he … Continue reading FETC – Day 1, part 1

Snatch and Grab Sessions

At NECC I commented on the vendor leeches – those that swoop in for the free goodies.  This observation is about the FETC sessions themselves. I really like how technology has changed the face of conference session attendance. Back in my elementary teaching days, I attended a regional science conference in  Charlotte.  It was a … Continue reading Snatch and Grab Sessions

Geekier Than Thou

Man, there is some stiff competition at this conference. I thought my iPod, Palm with keyboard, Nikon S1 and duel phone combination would score beauceau points. Even with the goatee, I was outclassed by ponytails and black attire. Of course, the main problem with my gear is that it’s not the smallest, nor is it … Continue reading Geekier Than Thou