Andre Bauer Update

It would seem that Bauer has updated his MySpace page.  There was a follow-up article in this morning’s Greenville News… Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s personal Web page at picked up considerable sobriety Thursday as bikini photos and a link to a racy discussion group vanished, replaced by earnest political discussion. That  may well be, … Continue reading Andre Bauer Update

V is for…

I don’t know.  I was going to come up with some catchy word beginning with V (other than Vendetta) to start my review of this movie.  A quick Google search points out how highly unoriginal that would be.  Seems there aren’t too many words beginning with V that would make sense in this context.  At … Continue reading V is for…

Alternate Timelines

A couple of years ago I posted a list of things that would have already come to past if science fiction were true (Yesterday’s Tomorrows, 2004).  Along these same lines, and courtesy of BoingBoing, I found The Movie Timeline.  This timeline doesn’t limit itself to scifi, but includes all movie fiction.  In the words of … Continue reading Alternate Timelines

The Sword of Peter

I got home from FETC, emptied my suitcase, then Laura filled it with her things.  Today she headed off for an ACS conference through Wednesday, leaving me on my own for awhile.  At least we got to see each other for a few hours. This morning’s sermon at Fourth dealt with Peter’s denial.  This made … Continue reading The Sword of Peter

Why Podcast?

Safely home from FETC, I was able finally to process some of the information I had been getting at the conference.  My reflections turned to podcasting, and to wonder specifically why I would want to do it.  There are two things that would have to be overcome in order to make it really viable. First, … Continue reading Why Podcast?

FETC – Going Home

Twice yesterday I’ve watched my collegues head out without me, and wished I were with them.  First was their trip to Emeril’s, with reservations at the same time as one of the sessions I wanted to attend, then again last night as they headed home. When I made my travel arrangements, two things were going … Continue reading FETC – Going Home