The Pink Panther

…or, Never Eat Popcorn Wearing a Corduroy Shirt So, Inspector Clousseau is at it again, this time in the incarnation of Steve Martin.  The ingredients are all there – a classic comedy format and the talents of Martin, Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dryfuss, and Jean Russo as Clousseau’s partner.  Rather than add to the … Continue reading The Pink Panther

Liebeslieder Ludicrous

I had actually typed this up and meant to post it Sunday, but never got around to it.  Oh well… I love choral music.  My preference is for smaller, intimate pieces, rather than the large orchestral works such as Mozart Requiem, Mendelssohn "Elijah", etc.  I like doing the larger works, but nothing brings out the … Continue reading Liebeslieder Ludicrous

Olympic Curling

CNBC has a new mission – enlighten the American people about the mysteries of curling. It seems that when it comes their time to cover the Olympics, that’s all they cover. A bakery in Pinerola has started baking bread shaped like a curling stone. Host Fred Roggin has presented each of his on-air guests with … Continue reading Olympic Curling

Google Earth Olympics

We’ve been watching some of our favorite Winter Olympics events on our new LCD projector.  Luge takes on a whole new dimension when it’s on a huge screen.  Tonight is the men’s downhill, and that started the segment with a map of the venue, which was obviously taken from Google Earth. I did a quick … Continue reading Google Earth Olympics

Literary Cuisine

Lately I’ve been using my lunchtime to hide from the office and get some reading done. I’ve developed some effective strategies for facilitating this activity.  If I’m not really hungry, I skip lunch and find a comfortable chair at the Middle Tyger Library overlooking the rapids on the river below.  If feeling a bit peckish, … Continue reading Literary Cuisine