Florida is Weird

I understand why Fark.com lets Florida have its own tag for weird news items.  The state is just strange.  Everyone talks about California being the home for fruit and nuts, but the only thing it’s got over Florida is size.  I don’t think you will ever find more weirdness per capita, or weirdness so ingrained … Continue reading Florida is Weird

Powerless again

This wasn’t supposed to happen.  We get in from camping, have a nice meal out and a good night’s sleep, and wake up to find the house without power.  Been there, done that.  At least it’s not 27 degrees outside, but there are other problems.  Amy’s pump requires electricity, and therefore we have no water. … Continue reading Powerless again

Four Wheeling

It dumped last night.  The sound of the rain hitting the camper was soothing, but made me worry about the day’s plans.  However, when we finally got up, the weather was spectacular. Today we were going ATVing.  Laura decided to pass, Karl’s nephews decided on more technical stuff and didn’t want a beginner tagging along, … Continue reading Four Wheeling

Juniper Run

The decision was not made lightly.  Do we go to Disney World, or do we go camping, kayaking, and four-wheeling?  After spending eight days without power, we figured we had already done the camping thing, but we decided for Ocala National Forest over animated mice. We packed up the convertible and headed out at 6:00 … Continue reading Juniper Run


I am now iPodal and xBoxed. I can now be entertained six ways from Sunday via tiny gadgets with more computing power than the one that powered the early Apollo program. Several of Chip’s friends had gotten xBox 360s, and were unloading their old xBoxes a cut-rate prices. He passed one along to me. So … Continue reading Snowbirds

The Story of Leon

Leon was an unassuming little lamb.  He trusted his minders, for they led him to clear water and tasty grasses for nourishment.  When that one evening came with all the commotion, he was just as afraid as everyone else – bright lights and singing in the middle of the night were not the norm.  His … Continue reading The Story of Leon

A Taylor Family Christmas

There are seven of us.  Add two parents, nine in-laws, twelve grandkids, and 6.5 great-grandkids, and you’ve got more than our family home can handle comfortably.  This was the first time in quite awhile that all of us have been able to get together at the same time.  While seemingly chaotic, the family gathering follows … Continue reading A Taylor Family Christmas

Normal Morning

I got out of bed, started a pot of coffee, and got the paper to read.  I had plenty of light, and the house was warm.  It was a normal morning.  What a change from yesterday, when I fired up the generator to make a pot of coffee and run the heater in the bathroom, … Continue reading Normal Morning