Cosmic convergence

First full choir rehearsal at Fourth on my own.  Things went well, except… Sunday’s Anthem:  "How Can I Keep from Singing?" Quaker hymn made famous by Enya. Today’s News from Florida:  Choir refuses to stop singing and must be removed by authorities.  The pastor of a Charlotte Harbor church had 16 church members booted from … Continue reading Cosmic convergence

Wow! A Job Offer!!

I got a voice mail on my cell phone today with a job offer.  Now this in and of itself is amazing, because I don’t give my cell phone number out at all.  But, hey, if someone’s offering me a better job with less hassles, I might be willing to listen. Sooo, I foolishly call … Continue reading Wow! A Job Offer!!

First @ Fourth

I tend not to be nervous on Sunday mornings.  I figure what’s going to happen will happen.  Wendesday evenings are another matter, as I worry about getting everything ready.  Even with this being my first Sunday as choir director at Fourth Presbyterian, I wasn’t too nervous.  Excited, yes, but not nervous.  This, despite nightmares this … Continue reading First @ Fourth

Nobel Chemistry

Sometime back I took one of these cutesy online tests – this time it was a "Nerd Test" to see how nerdy I am.  I don’t dare give you the score, but look at it this way – I keep a blog.  That should say enough.  As I read the questions, it occured to me … Continue reading Nobel Chemistry

To be continued…

Time was, you could watch a TV show every now and then and not miss too much.  Each episode was a stand alone story, with very little carry-over from one week to the next.  Consistency was the name of the game.  Rarely did one see the phrase, "To be continued…", and when it did happen … Continue reading To be continued…

Buried in soft peat

Conversation with Bellsouth tech support: Me:  This site was supposed to be configured for 10 megabit, but the switch is set for 10 megabit burstable to 100.  We don’t have equipment in place to support that, so could you change the switch configuration to match? Vogon:   I’m sorry, but we will need a change … Continue reading Buried in soft peat

The Tyranny of Gannett

My favorite weekly freebie, The Beat, was mercilessly run out of business several months ago while in its incarnation as MetroBeat.  The culprit, of course, was the megalithic Gannett News Corporation, and it’s local shill, The Greenville News.  The Greenville Cage Liner started it’s own weekly rag called, The Link, which went head to head … Continue reading The Tyranny of Gannett