Even More Pumpkins

Laura:  I think pumpkins are the most photogenic vegetable. Mrs. Wright:  Eggplants are interesting, too. And so, we found more pumpkins to shoot.  No eggplant, though. For some reason, people in Washington like to stack rocks… We went out to dinner at a Chinese place in Burlington.  Parked next to the restaurant was this bike … Continue reading Even More Pumpkins

Pumpkin Photo Phun

With the weather so lovely, we decided to go to La Conner for shopping and lunch.  We seemed to encounter pumpkins everywhere, first at the end of our driveway, and even on our table.  Here are some of the images.  I’ve linked to the larger images on Flickr, because you need to see the full … Continue reading Pumpkin Photo Phun

Whose Standards, Exactly?

Standards are a part of life for a teacher.  Just about every state has developed curriculum standards, and in South Carolina these form the basis of the PACT test.  The standards change on a regular basis, and it seems that about the time correlations with materials are completed, they change again. Technology standards are even … Continue reading Whose Standards, Exactly?