It’s a Myth

I think tourism officials for the state of Washington and the Weather Channel are in cahoots.  The forecast for the Seattle and San Juans was to be rainy all week, and we prepared for such.  When we arrived yesterday, and as the sun rose this morning, it was as clear as a bell.  Come to … Continue reading It’s a Myth

Fourth? Presbyterian

Over the weekend I told a Homecoming friend that I was now at Fourth Presbyterian as choir director. He chided me about the name of the church. His comment was that after a “First” church of whatever denomination is established, then subsequent churches ought to have another name and not follow the numeric pattern.

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Homecoming 2005

It was a terrible snafu of scheduling.  The Chorale had booked the Peace Center early last year to avoid conflicts with Furman football.  Then, FU changed the weekend of homecoming, and I found myself needing to be at least three places at once.  Laura figured that since I would be tied up with rehearsals and … Continue reading Homecoming 2005