No. Really!

Sometime back I did a review of Market Deli, and a subsequent sign after they had closed.  We were at the Taco Hell next door this evening, and spotted this…   At least they have a sense of humor.   I guess the other guys just couldn’t get it back together. Continue reading No. Really!

Houses of the Holy

The Upstate Beat has a new feature I find intriguing.  In the series "Houses of the Holy," one of the Beat’s reviewers (prophets) will anonymously visit a place of worship and report back. There are thousands of houses of worship in the Upstate and our Prophets are sampling them. From time to time one of … Continue reading Houses of the Holy

Writing Towards Home

Last night we attended a writer’s symposium at Furman entitled "Writing Towards Home".  The symposium featured Ashley Warlick, Tommy Hayes, Mindy Friddle, and George Singleton, all of whom have novels set in Upstate South Carolina. The symposium was well attended by the literazzi of Greenville – mostly writer wannabees and some eccentrics.  It was almost … Continue reading Writing Towards Home

Big Shoes

Last night I officially met the Fourth Presbyterian choir and had my first rehearsal with them. I don’t start until October 9, but the Wednesday before that is supposed to be a celebration of the tenure of Dr. Kyser, and it would have been awkward for me to follow that with a rehearsal. Continue reading Big Shoes

Equinox, Schmequinox

Fall officially arrived last week.  You couldn’t tell it from the climate around here.  Sure, the leaves are falling, but think it’s a case of drought-induced panic rather than seasonal instinct.  Over the weekend the temps hit the mid-90’s, which has got to be a record for upstate South Carolina.  So here we are at … Continue reading Equinox, Schmequinox


This is going to be my final meat-n-three adventure for awhile.  Or, at least, until my constitution recovers and I shed a few pounds.  Today I didn’t feel like going alone, so I drafted my office mate, Rick, to go to Bill’s Place for lunch.  It’s been nearly five years since either of us had … Continue reading Meat-N-3.2