Life Drive, Part Deux

Still playing with the Palm LifeDrive, and I’ve changed a couple of opinions. It seems that there is a way to use the entire screen for Grafiti. I guess I should read the manual! That makes this a much more useful device. I also got the keyboard to work. I was skeptical, especially since it … Continue reading Life Drive, Part Deux

Palm Lifedrive

My Palm Lifedrive arrive this week. With all the craziness going on with our network, I didn’t get around to playing with it much until this weekend. The jury is still out, but right now I’m not so sure that this was such a great upgrade. Continue reading Palm Lifedrive

Everyone’s a critic

You may remember sometime back I complained about the Greenville News (yet again), this time regarding their restaurant reviewers. Seems they couldn’t identify some basic Indian cuisine. I got this e-mail from John Malik, chef and owner of 33 Liberty, complaining about the same thing… Continue reading Everyone’s a critic

The Cruelest Cut

I’ll see that you never work in this city again! I’ll have your job for that! Just wait until I talk to your supervisor! Usually, these are empty threats, meant to get the attention of some public servant or service employee, whether they did something deserving of the threat or not.  While I’ve asked to … Continue reading The Cruelest Cut