A Thousand Words

In previous posts I have lamented my lack of photography skills. Anytime I find someone who has an artistic eye as well as the skills, I once again lapse into self-loathing of my own meager abilities. Such was the case when I stumbled across Brent Crawford’s new Flickr account. Continue reading A Thousand Words

Maybe we’ve passed??

We were at Taco Bell on Wade Hampton, next door to the Market Square Deli.  The deli has been closed for some time, supposedly undergoing renovations.  However, restaurant equipment has been sitting out in the weather for nearly a week.  The past week, this sign has been out in front. Maybe we’ve passed??  What does … Continue reading Maybe we’ve passed??

Must Love Contrivances

I have come to believe that romantic comedies are set in an alternate universe where the laws of probability no longer apply. These laws are skewed such that it is almost certain that the protagonist will run into exactly the right person at the right time, or exactly the wrong person at the right time. With a two-hour time constraint, there can be no gray area. Some movies do a great job of concealing this alternate universe of improbabilities with very clever plot twists. Some don’t, as is the case with Must Love Dogs. Continue reading Must Love Contrivances

Island Blend Jerk & BBQ

It’s my last free Friday for the summer. Next week we go back on our regular schedule, which on the plus side means shorter days Monday through Thursday. At least once during the summer, now on my free Fridays, I like to wander downtown, look in the shops, and try a new place to eat. On this rainy Friday I selected Island Blend Jerk and BBQ. Continue reading Island Blend Jerk & BBQ

They’re baaack!

And I, for one, am glad to see them. The Beat, formerly known as “Metrobeat,” is back as the Upstate’s alternative voice in print media. The premiere issue features cover art and an article about J. Chris Campbell, local artist who draws some really cool robots. There is also an article about the fate of Metrobeat at the hands of the Gannett megaconglomerate, which controls the puppet strings of the Greenville Cageliner. Continue reading They’re baaack!


I play the lottery once in a blue moon – usually only when the prize gets to about $50,000,000. I figure if I’m going to waste a dollar on something this foolish, it ought to be for something big – something I can REALLY retire on in style without any regard for frugality. It seems that a lot of Powerball players are of the same mindset, and in reaction, Powerball is changing the rules. Continue reading Powerballistic

Myrtle Beach Sunday

A loud explosion with accompanying car alarms woke me up. With the same mindset as those throngs I criticized last night, I stepped outside to see what was happening. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary (at least, for Myrtle Beach) so I stepped down to the lobby for coffee. Continue reading Myrtle Beach Sunday