Another Day @ NECC

OK, so I’ve run out of Philadelphia song titles.  Sure, I could have used Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom, but that 1976 release to me marked the irreparable decline of his musicso, no, I won’t quote it. Another breakfast in business casual, and it was off to the convention center.  It figures that if I bought … Continue reading Another Day @ NECC

Exhibitors Drinking Game

OK, there isn’t any adult beverage available, but if there were… 1.  Take a drink every time you see the phrase "Changing the way…" or "Changing the face of". 2.  Take a drink for every cool trinket you score. 3.  Take two drinks for every cool trinket you score without having to sacrifice your vital … Continue reading Exhibitors Drinking Game

The New Shape of Knowledge

David Weinberger is a fellow with Harvard’s Institute for the Internet and Society.  His keynote address did everything an opening keynote is supposed to do – challenge and inspire.  Here are my pitiful attempts to summarize his remarks, hoping that I get most of the salient points… Traditionally the shape of knowledge is dendritic, as … Continue reading The New Shape of Knowledge