Get Malled

The “Malling of America” is a catchphrase used by several authors in recent history, including Andy Serwer of Fortune, Barbara Berenstein of PBS, and William Severini Kowinski.  Most of these works (many now nearly a decade old) cite the decline of Main Street USA in favor of malls.  In an a reversal, at least in … Continue reading Get Malled

Batman Begins

“Oh God, not another one.”  That was my first thought when I heard about Batman Begins.  My second thought was “What a goofy looking Batmobile”, as if the previous versions with huge bat wing fins were perfectly reasonable.  These impressions were, of course, before I went to see the movie.  Since it was so hot … Continue reading Batman Begins

Haus Edelweiss

NOTE: This restaurant had been closed, but has recently re-opened. This has long been one of my favorite places in Greenville.  I remember many years ago talking with a snooty German exchange student about German cuisine.  I mentioned Haus Edelweiss, and she derided both the name and the possibilty that authentic German food could be … Continue reading Haus Edelweiss