More Philly Food

So many restarants, so little time, money, and room for expansion in my waistline.  Since I’ve already covered the NECC happenings for the day, I’ll just hit the highlights – the food. Lunch – the spicy aromas from Reading Terminal Market once again drew me in.  Today I ate at Profi’s Creperie, which was right … Continue reading More Philly Food

More Vendor Observations

I gave the vendors grief yesterday with my “Drinking Game.” Understand that this was all in satire, making fun of the contrived environment of a convention exhibition floor. We maintain many partnerships with local and national vendors, and without them our program could not exist. Vendor leech – note box of trinkets, and red hat … Continue reading More Vendor Observations

Another Day @ NECC

OK, so I’ve run out of Philadelphia song titles.  Sure, I could have used Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom, but that 1976 release to me marked the irreparable decline of his musicso, no, I won’t quote it. Another breakfast in business casual, and it was off to the convention center.  It figures that if I bought … Continue reading Another Day @ NECC

Exhibitors Drinking Game

OK, there isn’t any adult beverage available, but if there were… 1.  Take a drink every time you see the phrase "Changing the way…" or "Changing the face of". 2.  Take a drink for every cool trinket you score. 3.  Take two drinks for every cool trinket you score without having to sacrifice your vital … Continue reading Exhibitors Drinking Game

The New Shape of Knowledge

David Weinberger is a fellow with Harvard’s Institute for the Internet and Society.  His keynote address did everything an opening keynote is supposed to do – challenge and inspire.  Here are my pitiful attempts to summarize his remarks, hoping that I get most of the salient points… Traditionally the shape of knowledge is dendritic, as … Continue reading The New Shape of Knowledge

The Streets of Philadelphia

NECC – Day 2 I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell what I feltI was unrecognizable to myselfSaw my reflection in a window I didn’t know my own faceOh brother are you gonna leave me wasting awayOn the streets of Philadelphia — Bruce Springsteen Morning dawned with lingering rain.  I donned the prerequisite “business … Continue reading The Streets of Philadelphia

Sailing to Philadelphia

NECC – day 1 File this under “What the hell was I thinking.”  My flight to Philadelphia leaves Greenville at 6:15 AM.  As I packed, I wondered if I would have the plane all to myself.  As I was looking up information on where I was staying, I was still having those same doubts about … Continue reading Sailing to Philadelphia