Summer Begins

When I was a teacher, the last day of school meant something.  As much as I like working with kids, I looked forward to a time away from them.  I knew I would usually still be working over summer on something school-related, but it would be a change.  Since becoming an administrator, the beginning and … Continue reading Summer Begins

Sabbatical Reflections

In our basement is an odd collection of boxes left over from a storage unit we had been using while moving.  I had never gotten around to sorting and throwing away, so I thought now was to time to reclaim some floor space.  Easier said than done.  Most of these boxes contained things such as … Continue reading Sabbatical Reflections

Reedy River Review

Uh, Lenscaps? I recently did a Google search for Greenville, South Carolina blogs.  I figured I couldn’t be the only one in the Upstate filling the ether with my drivel.  I stumbled across the Reedy River Review, which bills itself as “A Satirical Look at the Sanctimonious in the Upstate of South Carolina and Beyond”  … Continue reading Reedy River Review

Star Wars Requiem

Wow. Absolutely the best of all six Star Wars movies.  I’ll give a more detailed review later in this post, but for now I’ll say that while the dialog was still not stellar, at least the main characters learned how to speak using the occasional contraction. We got our tickets Monday for the 12:01 showing … Continue reading Star Wars Requiem

Paddling Jocassee

Why is it some Indian maiden is always committing suicide for a lost love?  The Appalachian Mountains are littered with the names of these unfortunate young women – Evaleka, Cateechee, Issaqueena, and Jocassee among them – or named for the event itself – Jump-Off Rock in Hendersonville and Blowing Rock as examples.  This weekend Houston … Continue reading Paddling Jocassee

Crazy Burritos

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed A new contender has entered the mega-burrito craze.  Crazy Burritos on Wade Hampton Boulevard, next to the Open Hearth restaurant, opened a couple of months ago.  It looks like this is locally owned and operated, and is not part of any franchise.  In fact, when we visited last night, … Continue reading Crazy Burritos

Star Trek Requiem

I watched the final voyage of the Starship Enterprise last night.  As a long-time Trekkie, I hate to say it, but it’s about time. Last night’s Enterprise episode marks the finale of the Star Trek universe. The franchise had become bogged down in its own canon, and ever since the demise of Roddenberry, had lost its … Continue reading Star Trek Requiem

New RSS Feeds available

I have finally succumbed to the syndication frenzy.  It seems that a blog just isn’t anything unless you offer RSS feeds.  I’ve put together a rudimentary feed, which can be read by the likes of Rocket RSS Reader, but for some reason won’t validate in Thunderbird.  Bloglines reads the feed OK, but for some reason … Continue reading New RSS Feeds available