Mostly Harmless

The time has arrived, and the long-awaited Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie opened today.  Chip, Houston, Anna, and several of Chip’s friends and I went to see it last night.  We only had to wade through a few nerds wearing bath robes and carrying their towels. The movie had gotten some bad advance reviews, … Continue reading Mostly Harmless

Fonda Rosalinda’s

Once again, Laura is out of town, and it’s time for me to try some place new.  Rosalinda’s Cafe is located North Pleasantburg, behind BJU.  It’s set back from the road, and can easily be missed.  This was actually the third time I had visited, but the other two times were far enough in the … Continue reading Fonda Rosalinda’s

What the Audience Never Hears

This weekend the Greenville Chorale and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra performed Mendelssohn’s Elijah as part of the Artisphere Festival.  It was a moving, impressive performance, and garnered a rave review from Ann Hicks in the Greenville News.  The only real problem was with turn-out — the Peace Center looked empty.  Not that the concert was … Continue reading What the Audience Never Hears

Technology Black Out Day

Just in case you missed it, today is… I guess if you are reading this on April 20, you don’t plan to participate.  I’m guessing by now that you’ve figured out that I’m not participating because I posted this message today. I’m not sure that a Blackout is the way to emphasize the importance of … Continue reading Technology Black Out Day

How to Catch Horny Heads

Lunch with five year-olds can be an amazing experience.  With only four hours of sleep under my belt, I decided to visit my great-nephew Alex at his school and have lunch with his class.  I guess anyone can hallucinate under those circumstances. Some days Alex is happy to see me.  Others, he is indifferent-to-embarrassed.  I … Continue reading How to Catch Horny Heads

Sunday, Quiet Sunday

A first, at least as long as I can remember since we have been living in this house – a beautiful Sunday afternoon unmarred by the sounds of leaf blowers, lawn mowers, or other home care equipment.  Not that I’m a "keep the Sabbath holy" prude, but in a neighborhood obsessed with lawn care, it … Continue reading Sunday, Quiet Sunday