Paper or silicon?

I live in the South.  It’s icy today, so there is a region-wide panic about driving.  Therefore, we had no newspaper when I got up this morning.  Being Sunday, I’m accustomed to lingering over the paper with multiple cups of coffee, so I was somewhat at a loss.  I decided to try a very pragmatic … Continue reading Paper or silicon?

Casserole a la Kaup

We had planned to go out for breakfast this weekend, but the forecast was for nasty weather.  So, instead we decided to try out our friends’ recipe for a breafast casserole.   First, some history.  Every time we have been fortunate to take brunch at the Kaups, it usually features a savory sausage/egg casserole washed down … Continue reading Casserole a la Kaup

An Unofficial History of Geocaching

First, a few dates…     May 1, 2000 – Selective Availability was turned off. All civilian GPS units instantly become 10 times more accurate. May 3, 2000 – David Ulmer hides a bucket of goodies near Seattle and posts the coordinates on a news group. Mike Teague puts up a website to track log … Continue reading An Unofficial History of Geocaching

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