I, Robot, Part II

Last night Laura and I were at the mall in a shopping frenzy when I spotted a Robosapien.  This was the first time I had seen one of these things up close and personal, and I even got to try it out with its nifty remote.  It was pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure I … Continue reading I, Robot, Part II

Let there be light(s)!

I want Christmas lights.  None of this “one-candle-in-a-window-pretty-wreath-spotlight” elegant stuff.   I’m after “wrap the trailer park, half-a dozen Santas, three Nativity scenes, outfit the dog in a reindeer suit” displays. Fortunately, I’ve found a great website called Ugly Christmas Lights to help my with my quest. This site allows users to post pictures of their findings.  … Continue reading Let there be light(s)!