Upgrade Fever

When I started out in educational technology I had next to no budget for equipment.  I had 12 computers in my classroom, eight of which would run Windows 3.1, and the rest limited to DOS.  I became a big fan of Fred d’Ignazio’s Multimedia on a Shoestring Budget, collecting old VCRs and other cast-off gear … Continue reading Upgrade Fever

A Visit to the Acropolis

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed Some restaurant locations are jinxed.  On Wade Hampton Boulevard stands an unusual building with a multipointed roof that has been The Gazebo, Swensens Ice Cream, Driggers Barbecue, and now is the new home of the Acropolis.  I’m hoping the Acropolis can overcome the curse, because their food is superb, … Continue reading A Visit to the Acropolis