The Godfather, Part I

Once more the cycle runs its course – the school year has ended, and summer has begun.  Not that I noticed very much, now that I’m an administrator.  I miss the anticipation of summer vacation.  At least this last weekend of the academic year is a long weekend for me. We started by going to … Continue reading The Godfather, Part I

Thanks for the memory

I spent Memorial Day working with memory of a different type – electronic.  My father had an old 286 which he continued to use, despite having a new computer and my warnings to the contrary.  In his defense, we did try transferring the files to the new computer via sneakernet.  While the old DOS programs … Continue reading Thanks for the memory

The Sky Is Falling

The movie “The Day After Tomorrow” opens this weekend.  I haven’t decided whether to see it on the big screen or wait and see it as a rental.  From what I can see from the trailers, it looks it’s going to be a standard disaster flick, somehow involving global climatic changes and the onset of … Continue reading The Sky Is Falling

The Infinite Cat

OK, here’s the idea.  Some guy takes a picture of his cat and posts it to a web page.  Someone else takes a picture of his or her cat looking at the first cat on the web page, then uploads that image to said webpage.  Another person takes a picture of their cat looking at … Continue reading The Infinite Cat

New site is online

The new website is now active (Duh, obviously).  This site features a much more interactive weblog than my old site, while keeping things lean and clean.  The other site turn into self-indulgent blathering, was over-designed, and cumbersome.  I make no guarantees about this site, but at least the blathering will be categorized. I also don’t … Continue reading New site is online

Another weekend has come and gone, and the work week is back in full swing. Sunday afternoon’s concert went well, too.  I ran into two former teachers/colleagues from Laurens 55 who had come for the concert, so it was great catching up with them. I am always fascinated by the sound of a live orchestra. … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day! Another busy, but beautiful weekend — rehearsals Friday night, Saturday morning, and a performance Saturday night occupied most of my weekend.  The music finally came together for the performance.  There were only a few glaring mistakes.  Edvard Tchzival is fun to watch from this side of the stage. I wonder if he … Continue reading

End of a Furman Era

I attended the Furman Retirement dinner last night, which honored three of my favorite professors – Dr. Albert Blackwell, Dr. Glen Clayton, and Dr. Tom Cloer. Oddly enough, I didn’t have much contact with any of these while an undergrad, but developed a relationship with each after Furman.  Albert Blackwell founded and directed the Quodlibet … Continue reading End of a Furman Era