Been a Heck of a Week

Monday – new work order system goes online.  Things go smoothly, with only one or two weird glitches. Tuesday – trip to Columbia for Technology Roundtable.  Listened to a presentation of the new state tech plan, which was an exercise in stating the obvious, even though I served on the committee that wrote the blame … Continue reading Been a Heck of a Week

Another Good Weekend

There were more art shows in town yesterday at which you could not shake a stick.  How’s that for not ending a sentence with a preposition? John, Paul Wagenknect, and I had a quick couple of rounds of disc golf at Holmes Park in the morning.  For the afternoon, Laura and I hit the art … Continue reading Another Good Weekend

Back in the Saddle Again

Everything posted from early April was a lie — at least, as far as the date is concerned.  I’ve been offline for about two months because of several things – Digitalibiz didn’t believe I had paid my bill, then they changed the infrastructure so I couldn’t reach the site via FTP, then they changed the … Continue reading Back in the Saddle Again

Those Conniving Catholics

On my reading list, I’ve got several books that describe secret plots by the Catholic church to conceal some import aspect of Christian faith that doesn’t quite mesh with their objectives, whatever those might be.  The Da Vinci Code was just the latest in that list, which I’m discovering is not as short as I might … Continue reading Those Conniving Catholics

New Wheels and Easter

Yesterday certainly didn’t turn out like I had imagined.  Laura decided to test drive convertible roadsters, and wound up buying one!  We found a used Audi A4 convertible with only 13K miles.  It seemed a shame not to buy it! Of course, we did test drive one other car – a used Mustang convertible with … Continue reading New Wheels and Easter

Caches of Rebel Flags

I love Spring Break.  I always have too long of a “to do” list, but I’m always fettered with this incurable laziness – true spring fever.  Yesterday was my day to waste time around the house then wander downtown and see what trouble I could cause.  Today, being such a beautiful day, I felt the … Continue reading Caches of Rebel Flags

The first day of spring break, and I’m out and about around town.  Lunch was downtown at Trios (making Laura tremendously jealous), then I hit my favorite stops – the Map Shop, then Horizon Records. My final stop was Oshman’s Sporting Goods, where I bought a pair of hip waders.  When I got home, I … Continue reading