100 Year Flooding

3 thoughts on “100 Year Flooding”

  1. Nice thoughts, Tom. Though we got more rain here in Sumter than Columbia did overall, topography is everything. We are on much flatter land than Columbia, which gives the water more room to spread out and keeps flow speed slower. Thus, Columbia got significantly more damage than we did. However, that doesn’t make any individual here with a home 4 feet deep in water feel any more fortunate. I feel very blessed. My house is completely dry; I have good water (we are on a private well); my electric power never even blinked through the entire event. I did get 12″ of water in my shop, but was able to get water sensitive items put up out of reach of the water before it rose. What was flooded probably needs discarding anyhow, so I am looking at it as an opportunity. The more photos that I see of other areas, the more depressed I get. My family and I went through the eye of Hurricane Hugo with insignificant damage; a damaging tornado that passed within several hundred feet of our house with no damage; and, now this. It makes me feel like my turn is due at some point. Blessed we are. Thanks again for the kind thoughts for the people of the midlands….Bentley Fishburne

    1. Bentley, I’m glad you got through with minor problems. My brother pastors a church in Sumter for many years, and he has friends there that did have lots of damage. As you said, it’s a matter of topography.

  2. I live in the Upstate and am grateful to have dodged the bullet that so many are sadly suffering through. I have family and friends in Columbia and Charleston… all escaped so far with only minor issues. But now there is the threat and recurring aggravation of poor water quality, road closures, and possible flooding from dams and down-flowing rivers and streams. Our hearts up here are with our fellow South Carolinians in the Midlands and the Lowcountry. We are doing what we can for you by sending whatever assistance we can offer, but moreover, we are sending you our love and fervent wishes for swift recovery.

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