Return to Old Santee Canal

I’m always looking for new paddling companions. Not that there’s anything wrong with the close friends I’ve developed in my other paddling groups, but different people bring different perspectives and and expertise on new paddling venues. The more the merrier (most of the time.). So lately I’ve been keeping track of the Tri-County Blueway Paddlers … Continue reading Return to Old Santee Canal

Mystery Brass

Our air conditioning died. It was old and probably needed to be replaced anyway, but it’s still a pain when it happens. So this week Laura and I have been emptying the attic so that the installers have access to the air handler and the ducts so that these can be re-insulated. During this process … Continue reading Mystery Brass

Acceptance at Perryville

The end of Monday nigh Chorale rehearsals means that I’m free to visit Perryville and join their musician’s circle. I decided to do just that this week, and I learned a valuable lesson – don’t pass the microphone.

Just Another Day in Paradise

Ongoing issues with Laura’s mom’s Alzheimer’s care meant a sudden trip to Florida. Laura caught an immediate flight on Friday, but it was a concert weekend for me. So Monday morning I loaded up the car with cameras, computers, paddling gear, and musical instruments, and headed down. Here’s what happened Tuesday…